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Function and Responsibility of Hardware Technical Support in Companies

It is said that 40% of customers will leave a company after committing two errors in the service and 59% of users will change companies to obtain better assistance. Given the high risk of loss of customers due to poor service, it is very important that the technical service provider has full knowledge of their work, beyond the technical part, to solve the needs of their customers.

What is a Hardware Technical Support?

Hardware Technical support is a range of services through which assistance is provided to users when they have a problem using a product or service, whether it is the hardware or software of a computer on an Internet server, peripherals, electronic items, machinery, or any other equipment or device.


Technical support can be given by different means, including email, chat, application software, faxes, and technicians, although the most common is a telephone. In recent years there is a tendency to provide remote technical support, where a technician connects to the computer through a remote connection application that has the ability to store many memory jobs.

Following are the key function and responsibility of Hardware Technical Support:

Maintenance of terminals and devices:

These tasks consist of the development and execution of protocols for the prevention and correction of problems in the company’s computer and network equipment. Basically, we talk about hardware and software updates, replacement of parts, revision of the disk space, review of the response levels of the equipment, etc.


Maintenance of servers:

This type of maintenance requires the presence of highly qualified professionals who are experts in the management and maintenance of advanced IT infrastructures. In addition, these professionals must demonstrate a high level of reliability and trust. Especially if we are talking about external Hardware Technical Supplier like IBM Server Supplier since the servers are the ones that keep and flow the information that the company works with on a day-to-day basis. In those servers, the critical data of the company is managed and it is also where the backups are created and handled. What tasks do these professionals do in their day to day?


• Set up Servers

• Management of network connection services

In summary, the tasks of Hardware Technical Support are essential to have great importance in business development today. As a company manager, knowing them in which areas it is more important to invest and in which we can save is very important.


Outsourcing for the Hardware Technical Supplier in that sense is effective since it covers most scenarios that can be given in an effective and economical way for the company.

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